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Cthulhu Mythos Madness is a 2D, local-multiplayer game (currently for 2-3 players). Play as a unique Lovecraftian creature, and use their ability to drive humans to insanity. Be the player to drive the most people insane during the time limit to win the round. However, be tactical with how you utilize your abilities because the more insanity in the realm, the more monster hunters will come to seek and destroy the cause.

Playable characters:

  • Shoggoth Lord - has the ability to transform into a human to hide from monster hunters. His appearance causes insanity to those who look upon him.
  • Servitor of the Outer Gods - has the ability to play a pipe flute that produces a "ghastly ululation" that causes insanity in an AOE. Can utilize certain buildings to hide in from monster hunters.
  • Star Vampire - is naturally hidden from humans, and has the ability to feed on humans. The more star vampire feeds on blood, the more insanity it causes it's victims. However, the more blood it consumes while feeding, the more visible it becomes to monster hunters.

The player can gain "insanity points" not only from causing insanity, but also killing a human. The player also has a chance to, when driving a human to complete madness, gain points from the mad human if they decide to attack or kill another human, which would result in a chain of points.

If a player is killed by a monster hunter, the player loses half of their collected points, and respawns (currently on the left side of the map).

The player with the most insanity points at the end of the round wins.


Cthulu_Mythos_Madness_Data.zip 28 MB